Yo fam, here’s another funky dope beat making video for you. Make sure you peep out the last video where I show you how to make your pianos sound MEAN AF.
As a music producer, I understand how important it is to be inspired when crafting our magic. This is why I vowed to keep cranking out more beat making videos for you this year so that you’ll stay motivated and inspired to create the music you were born to make.
In this episode of Beat Making Magic, I walk you through the steps I took to bang out a funky masterpiece. Watch as I show you every instrument it took to cook up this FIRE banger.
I stacked and layered a bunch of sounds in this beat to make it sound fuller without “over-producing” the track. A lot of music producers make the mistake of putting way too many instruments in the beat leaving NO room for the artist. You must create verse sections in your beats for the artist to hear themselves on so they can write their story.
Hip Hop music production is 50 %  drum sounds. You can’t just use any drum sounds though. They have to KNOCK! You’ll notice how I mixed the drums together on this beat to make them hit hard enough to carry the melodies. If you wanna use the same drum loop you hear in this beat, you can Grab It Here.
If you’re music producer who loves making beats and could use some dope free drum loops, drum kits and royalty free sounds, Go HERE
Hope you enjoy this on. Leave a comment here or on youtube. Peace. Love. & Beats.
– Braumah

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