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Get All The Answers You Need To Succeed

Are you tired of feeling lost and unmotivated?

Not sure about the next steps to take in your music production career?

Do you need help elevating to the next level of your sound or brand?

1 On 1 Producer Coaching

I created this 1 on 1 coaching program because I realized producers would let their beats collect dust and watch their music producer dreams die.

Not because they wanted to. But because they didn’t know what to do next, or how to take the next steps properly.

Now I am here to take you by the hand and help you finally get your online music production business off the ground, so you can start making profit and living your dream.

Rely on me to hold you accountable for making your music producer lifestyle come true, keep you motivated to build your online brand, and inspire you to improve on your music production skills.

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You'll Learn How To

Mix your beats to professional quality

Get better at playing keys

Sell and lease your beats online

Build your own custom beat site

Create and sell your own drum kits

Create and sell your own loop packs

Create and sell your own vst plugins

Build your own sound selling website

Start your own sound design business

Get your music placed in TV/Film

Start your own music publishing company

Produce and sell your own online courses

Market your online music production business

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Here's What You Get

2 hour video or audio call

Ask any questions and get hands on help

Get coaching on what you need to work on to get your sound and brand to the next level

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Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

Book your session 1 hour coaching call

Reply to the email receipt with best time and date for you

You’ll receive a confirmation email of your session

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