Holy Sh*t Kick Drums – Drum Kit

$47.00 $25.00

Are you ready to arm yourself with the heaviest, chest pounding, head knocking kick drums known to man? Holy Sh*t Kick Drums are designed to make your beats bang and command attention from major labels, artist, and TV/Film music publishers.
Download your copy now to get your tracks hitting harder than a Kung Fu kick to the gut!
Play Demos
  1. KF-KICK1 0:01
  2. KF-KICK16 0:01
  3. KF-KICK33 0:01
  4. KF-KICK42 0:01
  5. KF-KICK45 0:00
Inside this drum kit, you get:
  • 60 One Shot Kick Drum Samples
  • 24 BIT WAV Format
  • Works In ALL DAWS (FL Studio, Logic Pro, Ableton, Reason, etc)
  • Use these in your Trap, west coast, boom bap, pop beats and more
  • 100 % Royalty Free



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