“Venom” Drums – Drum Samples

$47.00 $25.00

Make Them Feel Your Sting
Your beats should rattle walls and shake heads. Venom Drums are built large enough to crack an elephant skull, cutting through the mix and making your beats knock harder than ever. Want your beats to hit harder than Mayweather did McGreggor?? Yes? Well, add these Venom drum samples to your sound library asap!
  1. venom_snare13 braumah drums 0:00
  2. venom_kick4 braumah drums 0:01
  3. venom_perc4 braumah drums 0:01
  4. venom_hihat3 braumah drums 0:00
In This Kit You Get:
  • 50 HOT Drum Sounds
  • 10 Dope Kicks
  • 15 Banging Snares
  • 15 Crazy Percussions
  • 10 Slicing Hi Hats
  • Format: 24Bit WAV
  • Works In Logic, FL Studio, Studio One, Reason, Cubase, all DAWS
  • For Hip Hop, RNB, Pop, EDM, TV/Film Productions



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