Drum Stacking Principles – How To Make Your Drums Sound Bigger

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What if you could take all those super-weak drum sounds eating up the precious gigs of space on your computer hard drive, and instantly tweak them into the loudest, dopest, most insane sounds you never imagined in life before?
Passed down to me personally directly from multi-platinum music mentors and professional industry studio recording engineers. ..Drum Stacking Principles will show you how to fill up the “empty frequencies” in your beats and beef up your mixes, all in a matter of seconds.
Get ready to equip yourself with the same Drum Stacking tactics and tricks that the major producers have been using to fatten up their beats and mixes for decades now. You’ll learn how to effectively layer your drums to make your beats sound fuller and fatter in a matter of minutes!
 Enroll in Drum Stacking Principles now and start beefing up your tracks in seconds!


You Will Learn How To:
  • Select The Right Sounds
  • Find Sounds That Have Body & Character
  • Build Your Own Drum Arsenal
  • Create Powerful Custom Snares
  • Craft HARD Hittin’ Kicks Completely From Scratch
  • Make Your Own Drum Sounds
  • Quickly Beef Up Your Drums
  • Add More SMACK To Your Snares
  • Stack Your 808’s To BANG


What’s Inside This Course?
  • Sound Stacking Theory (1 Video Lessons)
  • Sound Selection (3 Video Lessons)
  • Knocking Kick Creation (3 Video Lessons)
  • Powerful Snare Creation (2 Video Lessons)

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