Break Dat Down – How To Arrange Your Beats For Songs & Artist

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Break Dat Down

Discover the #1 skill that immediately takes you from a mediocre bedroom beat maker to PRO sounding music producer!
Song Structure is KEY when it comes to making  HIT records! Simply put: Arrangement makes the difference between getting your beats CONTINUOUSLY placed, V.S.’s  having your tracks CONSTANTLY skipped over by major record label A & R’s or T.V./Film music supervisors.
Every track is like a story. it’s ALL about how you put it together and arrange it. That’s what truly counts. Songwriters & Music Producers get paid the BIG $$ for the stories they tell in the music using song structure to do so. I didn’t begin getting placements or selling beats until I gave my music a story.
Does your music have a story? Enroll in Break.Dat.Down. and start making your music sound like movies!


You Will Learn How To:

    • Build Up And Break Down Your Beats
    • Make Your Beats Attractive To Major Labels & Artist
    • Monster Layer to Give You A BIGGER Sound
    • Effectively Stack Your Drums To Give Your Beats Fullness
    • Use Tempos That Give Your Beats More Bounce & Swagg
    • Build More Powerful Bridges, Transitions, & Choruses
    • Create Dope Verse Parts In Your Beats For Song Writers
    • Select Sounds  That Make Great Chorus Instruments
    • Know The Exact Amount of Instruments You Should Use ALL the Time
    • Use The Grid To Map Out Your Whole Song
    • Make Your Beats “Radio Ready”
    • How To Create “Artist Friendly” Beats That SELL
    • Aaaand Many More Master Producer Arrangement Methods!


What’s Inside This Course? 

  • 6 Video Lessons (2+ Hours Of Video Screens Footage)
  • ALL Session Sound Files Included 100 % Royalty FREE (WAV Format)
  • Song Structure & Instrumentation Screen Shots Included For EZ Implementation & Study
  • 6 Of My Very Own Personal PRO Song Structure Formulas To Use In Your Beats
  • Sign up today and change your tomorrow. Learning new lessons in what you love.




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